Mission Statement

- I want to coach people as closely as possible to the way I coach clients of Functionally Aware Fitness, so that Blast Mentorship participants can also experience life changing results.

- I aim to provide the motivation and support that everyone, including fitness professionals such as myself, need to succeed along their journey.

- I hope to provide a knowledge base that allows the benefits of the home based programme to continue long after the 30 day programme.

- I consider it my responsibility to educate the importance of efficiency when it comes to work out time and rest time within the workout.

I was once told the difference between a 1 hour workout and 30 minute workout is ‘talking’!!!)

- I will provide a progressive programme that develops with the participants fitness and conditioning level from the start to the end of the programme.

- I want to help people to achieve greater things with a more functional body.

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